Guatemala — not much to update

Communications are scarce between here and Guatemala, but here is what I have so far . . . .


Lincoln in Guatemala City  . . . . . . .

Linc in Guat

An email from Sidney  . . . .

Just wanted to let you know that I miss you and wish you were here. We had fun getting here, and Guatemala City is really cool. It is a huge city, when we flew over it it looked like it stretched for hundreds of miles. The people are very friendly. Also, there are police everywhere, and some officers who walk down the street with shotguns and assault rifles. I guess the gun laws are a little bit different here.
I had a good nights sleep at the seminary where we are staying. We leave for Chajul today. There probably won’t be WiFi there, so the next time you hear from me it will be by phone. There is so much stuff to talk about, but I don’t have time right now. I need to go eat breakfast.

Love you, and wish you were here with us.




Sunday, the group attended church services in Guatmala City and then embarked on an 8 hour bus drive to the mountain village of Chajul.


Two minute phone conversation with Sid to let me know they arrived safely in Chajul. Sidney got sick and had a pretty rough night.

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