Only 2 more days

of having an all girl house.

We expect our men to be home around midnight Sunday.

I spoke with Sid for a few minutes last night.  In the background, I heard a sudden burst of children yelling “HOLA!  HOLA! HOLA!”  Sid says our American group are like rock stars in Chajul — the children of the village were excited on the day they arrived, running up to meet them, showing no caution.  The members of our group can’t walk through the village without a burst of welcome, excited chatter from the children.

SId was coughing a lot.  Though the weather there is perfect — 70s by day, 60-ish at night, no mosquitos — one downside is the smoke.  The whole village is very smoky because the villagers start up cook fires in the morning and then again in the evening.

Lincoln was really struggling Friday.  He worked with teaching the children in the mornings and construction in the afternoon.  Friday was his last day working the children, so goodbyes had to be said.  It was difficult for him.  I will be so glad to have my tender-hearted boy back home to hug.

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