Return from Guatemala, part 6

(Sid posting . . .)

The Construction Crew

This is the Presbyterian Church, and a few of us getting ready to work on it for the day.  It does look a little out of place in the village, but I guess you can always tell a church building from the houses around it.

We had to build one more course of blocks at the top of the walls on the inside.  The blocks were way down the hill at a different building.  It’s a good thing they had antique pickup trucks.

… and other methods of hauling freight.  They did have a source of lumber in the village.  They brought boards down from the mountain.  Occasionally we would see a couple of guys with long chainsaws going up or down the mountain, into the woods.  If you look at the cut patterns on the boards, you can tell they weren’t cut by a circular sawmill.  They looked like they were milled into boards with handheld chainsaws.

And by the way, all those blocks we carted up the hill.  They had to be cut to shape.  The local tool of choice was a machete.

In the church doorway, looking out into the street.  That’s the scaffolding we made to plaster the front face of the building.

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