Back to school!

Yesterday was our first day back to homeschool —- unusual for us as we have homeschooled year-round in the past, and I had planned on a bit of Shakespeare and writing for this past summer.  But the Guatemela trip and painting and various projects kept us busy, and it just felt right to step away from school for awhile.

The break was good for us.  We were all ready to start back; nobody had be dragged out of bed.  All kids were up and ready to get started Monday morning.  I designed individual planners for each child (exciting!), and we had a bit of chocolate for motivation.

This morning, our 2nd day, I was pleased to see that back- to-school motivation still in full swing.  After breakfast and teeth-brushing, the kids were to meet back at the kitchen table for family school.  Our family school, this year, has taken the form of a psalm reading, scripture memory, prayer, vocabulary fun, poetry study and free writes.  The girls were at the table and ready for family school before the boys.  I was pleased to see them using this wait time to study their vocabulary cards.

It “looks” like Prairie is just playing with 2 cats, but the cats are actually dialoguing about her new vocabulary words.  And it looks like they are previewing a page in the planner I made for her.


Rachel reads her vocabulary cards to her animals.  They are very smart animals.


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