I knew the moment they saw him

I heard an uncertain giggle, a kind of scoff and then “What?”

“What in the world is Daddy doing?”

Well, obviously, he is making tea.


Rinsing out the old tea maker.

With his robe belt tied around his head.

To hold the cordless phone to his ear.

Outwitting the bureaucracy, who doesn’t deal with people by placing them on hold for a year and a day until frustrated callers give up and hang up.

But not Sid.

He just pulls his robe belt from its belt loops, repurposes it for his own convenience and carries on with life as if Jupiter has moons.

And makes a fresh pot of tea.

This is the true picture of a super-hero.

He is undeterred.  He stays the course.  He is blurry but blameless for the blur.

Hours have turned into weeks have turned into months, but he will not stop until our kids are fully insured!

Even if he must tie the phone to his head to do it.

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