Vocab Study foibles

Prairie works on her vocabulary cards.

Vocabulary Study has been one part of our family school every morning.  I could have squeezed in SAT vocabulary words with workbooks, but checking workbooks is boring for ME.  Plus, I don’t think completing vocabulary workbooks equates with the use of the studied words in everyday speech and writing.

So we made it part of family school, with focus on incorporating our new words into our speech and written language.

Last week, I caught a glimpse of the our vocabulary . . . . . .ahem . . . . successes during a non-school conversation with Prairie.

She and I were talking about the camping trip that she, her siblings and Dad were preparing for later that afternoon.  She expressed concern about the care of our animals.  Lucy is our very large and rambunctious Pyrenees puppy.

“But, Mama, what about Lucy and the goats?”

“Well, honey, since I am not going camping, I can take care of them.”

“Are you sure that you have the abili . . . .ummm . . er . . .the PROWESS to take care of them?  Lucy might oBILerate your pants.”

If she were my first child, I would have corrected her pronunciation of obliterate.

Because she is my 4th child, I am wiser and just enjoy the moment, knowing she will correct it herself soon enough.

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