My Birthday Boy

turned 13 on Sept 19th.

He just gets longer and leaner.  He surpassed me in heigth a couple of months ago.


The birthday card from Uncle Josh and Aunt Sandra is actually a bat mitzvah card (clearly a yard sale find).  Inside the card, they wrote:


If you were

a)  Jewish and

b)  female

you would now be a woman!

Mazel tov!

Happy Birthday!



We attempted a “themed” birthday for the first time ever.  Daddy was an Ood.


Prairie was a cyber man . . . .cyber girl . . . .but cuter


Rachel was Donna, so she practiced saying “OY!” and “You have GOT to be kidding me!” in her best British accent.


The birthday boy was Dr. Who with a fez.

There were  multiple fezes floating around because Sidney made 4.  Sidney also sewed 10 bean-filled bags for Lincoln’s birthday, breaking 2 of my needles in the process.

We enjoyed family and friends playing with the cornhole that Sid and Sidney built for Lincoln’s birthday.

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