Vocabulary Funnies

Every week, I list 5 vocabulary words on the chalkboard.   We play with those words along with their synonyms and antonyms and whatever new words crop up in our poetry analysis, so by the end of the week, the kids have likely added 10 – 15 new words to their repertoire.

Our Vocabulary Studies follow this general routine:

1.  Sunday night — kids grab 5 new index cards and label each one with the vocabulary word, part of speech and definition.

—-Monday morn during family school, we go over pronunciation and clear up any misunderstandings of definitions.  Prairie, for example, was sure that rotten tomatoes were garish (in bad taste).

2.  Monday — kids write a sample sentence, using their shiny new word, on their index card

—-Tuesday morn during family school, we laugh over their silly sentences.

3.  Tuesday — kids draw a picture illustrating the vocabulary word

—-Wednesday morn during family school, we laugh harder over their illustrations.

4.  Wednesday — kids add synonyms and antonyms to their card

—-Thursday morn during family school, we discussion synonyms and antonyms and come up with more sample sentences.

5.  Thursday — kids study their vocab cards in prep for Friday’s test

—-Friday morn during family school, I test them in whatever way fits my mood.  But that is for a later post.


Today, I wanted to share Rachel’s illustration and sample sentence for one of her vocabulary cards.  Often, her picture and sentence are related and there is a whole backstory in her head that we get to hear during family school.

Without further ado . . . . . . .





Rachel’s flamingos are always performing amazing feats.  Ordinary flamingos would need to imbue their pants BEFORE they dress or perhaps a different kind of imbue WHILE they are wearing their pants.  But Rachel’s flamingos imbue WHILE dressing.  Amazing creatures, Rachel’s flamingos.

You can see from her card that she has yet to add her synonyms and antonyms. She left room for them at the bottom of her card.



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