A Home Decorating Parody

For several years now, I have been reading The Nester’s blog.  Her thoughts on simple decorating are encouraging  —- even I can create a little beauty around me with a few minutes and a little effort.

Last fall, I was inspired to decorate my kitchen island with a blue pumpkin.  But it wasn’t quite right — my island needed something with a bit of height.  After some trial and error, my blue pumpkin perched on a pedestal.  And I was happy.

My very practical husband and sons laughed at my pumpkin perched on a pedestal.

But I didn’t care.  I loved my pumpkin’s aqua color, the bumpy skin and his pedestal perch.  He was a bit of beauty and calm amid the kitchen chaos that my eye could rest on ——- “Breathe,” my little pumpkin seemed to say.  “See how I don’t fret and toil.  Rather, I sit quietly on my pedestal and just BE . . . . .umm, well, uh, um, a pumpkin!”

This little peaceful vignette didn’t last though.  When I stepped out of the kitchen, I would come back to find that someone had messed with my pumpkin perched on a pedestal.

This year, the tradition has continued.  After I searched everywhere and came up empty-handed, Sid finally found a blue pumpkin for me at Tractor Supply.

I happily retrieved my pedestal from a high pantry shelf and created my little peaceful vignette on my kitchen island.

Then I left the kitchen and returned to this . . . . . .


My pumpkin on a pedestal decor is a silent, teasing conversation between the kids and me.  I clear away their additions, leaving my pumpkin in peace.  When my back is turned, they add a little silly to my vignette.  They are creatively stretched, finding new and interesting additions — something sure to catch my eye and make me smile.

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