Rachel’s piano recital

My dear girl played “O Come Emmanuel” at the Christmas Recital last Friday.  She played beautifully.


I promised her that I wouldn’t take a picture while she played because it would make her more nervous.  But the deal was that she had to pose at the piano so I could get a picture afterward.

She didn’t count on me making her sit and pose this way and that, while I tried this camera setting and that camera setting.

This is her long-suffering look . . . .“If I just breathe in and out, in and out . . . .my mama will get this done . . .eventually.”



I sensed that she needed a bit of loosening up.  So I asked her to look at me and wink.  I though she might smile at me.

Instead I got this very serious wink.

A wink that she held for much longer than any wink should be held.

Probably because she knew it would take awhile for me to mess with my camera.

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