Christmas 2014

After attending the Christmas eve service at church, we came home and played “Santa.”  The kids all go to bed and then get called back downstairs one at a time, where they each take a turn helping Sid and me fill stockings with candy.  When they have all had a turn and gone to bed for the night, Sid and I add a few more surprises to their stockings.

Santa Sidney tries on a gruff persona while stroking his short, sparse whiskers.


Santa Lincoln caves under the pressure of the camera.  It is hard to take treat-eating seriously with Mom clicking pictures.


Santa Rachel gobbles her nutella on a Ritz cracker.


Santa Prairie plays it cool.


My favorite highlights from Christmas morning . . . .

My present from Sid . . .

Please, let me give the details, lest you think this is merely a potty seat.  THIS potty seat has a light that allows one to visit the potty at 2 am half asleep without stumbling or turning on overhead lights.  I used it last night.  The light is a very dim blue light that makes the toilet bowl interior glow ethereally.  Who would ever think one could describe a potty as ethereal?  I was fairly amused, though a sleepy amused, at my 2 am potty visit.


Lincoln with his throwing knives and his tough, knife-throwing expression.


Prairie with her unicorn necklaces from Lincoln.


Lincoln, holding his handmade sock rabbit from Rachel.


Prairie hovers while Maw-Maw Rachel opens her gift from Prairie.  “I need to explain this,” Prairie says.


My absolute FAVORITE thing all day — the two kids who have irritated each other in the past being so affectionate.


Rachel made me a cork doll and wrote a poem on her favorite flamingo fabric.

I print the poem she wrote for me below . . . . .

The Perfect Mom

A family depends

on a Mom

A teacher on

making a pom-pom

A cook who

makes our food

A Mom which

has a good mood.


We all got a good laugh out of the good mood — good moods are not my norm, though I try.  I was thrilled to see her attempt to imitate William Carlos Williams’ The Red Wheelbarrow.

Rachel also wrote a poem for Sid.

The Perfect Dad

A family depends

on a Dad

A comforter when

we are sad

A man who helps

us in troubles

A man like this

is better than doubles.


Prairie, once again, had to explain her gift.  She calls it a “spirit,” which is a doll with a flashlight body.  She says I can hold it to see how to walk down the stairs at night instead of turning on the hall light.  When I click the flashlight button on the bottoms, it glows.


Sidney was especially thrilled to pull this out of his stocking.


Lincoln is just being goofy.  He was just as thrilled.


Prairie jumps up to “explain” another one of her gifts.  “I need to explain this, Daddy.”




Prairie gave Lincoln a cork doll magnet.  She sat close by him while he opened it, so she could “explain.”


Rachel made Sidney a cork tie

Lots of love and laughs and thoughtful giving — a good Christmas.





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