Lunch Fairy

I should have done this a looooong time ago.  But the kids grow so fast, too fast for me to keep up with changing their responsibilities.

I finally announced that one of the kids would be responsible for providing lunch every day at 12:30.  Prairie jumped at the chance.  The very next day, she laid out a lunch buffet and called us all for lunch.  She even wore her long-forgotten apron.


We have leftovers —– black bean and chicken soup, butternut squash . . . . .


mixed nuts, cheddar cheese, not sweetened tea, sour cream . . . . . . .


water (COLD), and thawed blueberries.


She even put on shoes for the occasion.

Albeit, they were not HER shoes.  These shoes were in a bag with other shoes in my pantry, to go back to my sister.  Prairie can not resist a bag of new-to-her shoes.  She is such girly-girl, but with an uncommon fashion sense.

Now, she just needs practice sweeping the floor.


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