He speaks to her

Rachel really likes the poetry of William Carlos Williams.  Actually, all the kids enjoyed his poem “This is Just to Say.”

But Rachel enjoyed it so much that she immediately responded by writing her own poem.

For years, the girls have loved Saturday mornings when Sid is home and drinking his coffee.  Sidling up to Daddy to steal swigs of his coffee became an early ritual, from the time they were toddlers.

She finished with her signature stick flamingo after her name.

2 thoughts on “He speaks to her

  1. This is just a heads up

    I have taken
    the leftover stromboli
    for lunch

    which you never mind
    but I didn’t even ask,
    I don’t want this
    to be the kind of thing
    that drives you
    for years until you snap.

    It was good
    though I picked out
    the jalapenos.

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