A year or so ago, I bought a stability ball for Sid to use at his desk.  I was hoping it would help his back.

But the kids quickly decided that the “chair ball” was really a cool toy.

Soon, the stability ball was rarely found in the office at Sid’s desk, but in the family room where the extra floor space gave the kids room to play balancing games, do exercises and bounce themselves across the room on the ball.

So I bought 2 more balls, giving Sid one to use at his desk and two for the 4 kids to share and race.

Until this weekend, the balls stayed in the house.  The kids use these balls for hours daily, and Sid has daydreamt setting up a ball pit outside, something to keep the kids from losing control and rolling down our steep inclines.

It turns out, we don’t need a ball pit all.  Those stinkers have such good balance from months of practice.

Sid and I, however, have none.  We don’t look nearly so graceful as the bounce of the ball throws us to the ground.


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