“Daddy, If there was a contest on the Best Dad ever,

you would win!”

Rachel speaks her Truth.  It is no small thing to be the core of a daughter’s Truth.  My husband, Sid, has given our children a secure, joyous Truth.

He also inspires our girls to the pinnacle of creative gift-giving, a place most people don’t realize exists.  It is off the beaten path and few trouble themselves to find it.  Rachel ventured off well-worn paths, creating a septic tank game for her daddy. She sewed a septic tank, stuffed it with poly-fil and concealed a yellow button inside for her daddy to find.  In his business, Sid does a fair amount of trouble-shooting when a system does not work properly.  I think the game is Rachel’s vision of what finding septic problems must be like.

And since these girls of ours typically go everywhere together, Prairie was right there with her sister in the creative zone. Prairie made a chimpmunk bobble-ly pen — a writing pen with a chipmunk on a spring that bobbles and wobbles when Sid writes with it.  She was also thoughtful enough to include a spare chipmunk, in case the first chipmunk becomes defective or meets a tragic end.

Sid always knows just the right thing to say,  “This chipmunk pen is a latent need — a need that I didn’t even know I had.”

The boys did not construct imagination-defying crafts or write syrupy sweet cards, but they did make broccoli salad and peanut butter cookies to go with our Father’s Day feast.  Big boys in the kitchen cooking for Dad has its own kind of charm.

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