It is amazing how a little help

sometimes turns into a lot of help.


Our interior walls have never been painted, only primed.  Anyone who has lived with primed walls knows there is no cleaning or maintaining them, and drywall surfaces are more easily damaged.  The paint provides a layer of protection and makes wiping splattered and flown food a breeze.

Note my definitions:

Splattered food is a splay of drops on the wall in a food prep area, usually within one foot of the kitchen counter.  It is understandable.

Flown food is dried food found in unusual areas several feet from food prep or food eating areas, sometimes on ceilings.  It is often chunkier in nature.  It is completely illogical and the mind cannot create a believable scenario in which the food should have arrived at that spot.

I didn’t believe painting food splattered and food flown ceilings and walls would produce happy results, so I cleaned the ceilings and walls first.  After that chore, I realized all the light fixtures and switch plates needed to come off.  Funny thing about light fixtures and light plates — there never seem to be enough.  Until you you need to paint around them, and you begin to think “Good grief, who needs 3 separate light switches, 7 light fixtures and 8 outlets in the kitchen?!”

Fortunately, I had a little help.

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