A rare and true gift —

that is a good friend.

You can be serious with her and say hard things.

my friends, Helga and Courtney


You can laugh loud and deep.


You can be pensive and ponder big questions.


And then laugh like loons again.


For each of my children, I pray this —-

that you make a good friend,

a friend who reflects your soul,

who gets your whole story with a few words,

who loves your heart even when it is broken and crooked,

who turns your eyes to your own worth.

I pray you can also be that kind of friend.

Courtney, Helga, me (Tina)

For my friends, I pray that another 26 years does not pass before we meet again, but if it does . . . well, we had our moments together.

They were beautiful moments, and I feel heard and understood, my heart is less crooked, and my eyes can see.

I have been blessed and the memories continue to bless.

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