We face onions tearlessly

with goggles and a knife.

Or some of us do.

Yesterday, I announced distractedly to the bodies in the kitchen with me — “I need someone to cut onions for me while I shred carrots.”

A few minutes later, I looked up and saw that TWO able bodies had responded to my general call for help.  And they came fully prepared to face the onions without shedding a tear.


Hmmm . . . there is something about a man in goggles, prepared to face the onion.

A bit nerdy.  Definitely manly.  And very, very sweet.


2 thoughts on “We face onions tearlessly

  1. Sandra, it must work. Sid and Sidney haven’t cut onions without goggles for a few years now.

    I never want to bother, as it seems like an aggravation, so I cut onions with lots of tears, eyes half-closed and by feel. I might start wearing goggles one day, after I have cut myself.

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