Mama turned 80

Mama is the feisty one on the left.  Prairie, 70 years younger, is squeezed into the chair beside her Maw-Maw.


Rachel honked her clarinet.  Lincoln plucked and bowed his cello.


Prairie played her violin, Sidney strummed his ukelele, and I watched my mama eat ice cream.

I discovered that this woman, whom I’ve known for almost 45 years, eats her ice cream with a butter knife.  How did I miss this little idiosyncrasy all these years?  Mama and I have eaten a lot of ice cream together.  I must have been totally absorbed in my own ice cream and not looking at her.

I tell you, just when you think you know somebody and know yourself — it breaks upon you that she eats ice cream oddly and that you were too self-absorbed  with your own to even notice.

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