Resting between appointments

From Memphis . . .

Super busy schedule today.  Sidney has had to push himself.  No, really.  It just looks like he is taking it easy with a fresh pillow and 2 toasty warmed blankets that the St. Jude’s  staff jumped to provide when asked.



We had some down time between appointments, so he was able to rest, when there was nobody around for him to chat up.

We were soon called to Occupational Therapy.


After 3 million more appointments, we were back to our room by 4:30 and Sidney headed straight to bed.

Soon I will head back to cafeteria for supper.  Did you know there is no REAL chocolate to be found here?  I would think they could sell a ton here since stressful situations scream for chocolate.

I hope to get a shuttle to Wal-Mart to buy Ghirardelli 60 % and about a million other things that will make life happier.

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