Upright and not so squishy

From Memphis with love . . .


Yesterday, Sidney felt well enough to stand by St. Jude for a picture.  He also sat up for almost a full hour and made the 5 minute walk back to housing – so it was a triumphant day with many milestones.  It feels like months have passed, but looking at the calendar reminded me that his major surgery was June 9th so only 21 days have come and gone.

Sidney has noted that fluid is not building up so much at the back of his head when he lays down, so his head is less squishy.  He is pleased.  Gaskins like their heads hard.

On a curious note, does anyone know why St. Jude has spiked hair right up front?  Or maybe it is a small flame resting on top?



4 thoughts on “Upright and not so squishy

  1. Hey, I asked Lynn about the spikes on top of his head and he states it is actually flames, because he was present at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to earth, which is symbolized by fire. (He states if I had grown up in the Lutheran Church I would have known that!)

    1. I had a feeling St. Jude was not a gelled hair kind of guy.
      Sidney and I say good morning to that statue daily, passing right by him on the way to appointments.

      Thanks Lynn for answering that burning question.

  2. Sidney,I did not know that I have such a cool and talented nephew. I am praying for you and your Mom in this journey. God is good !! I’m so proud of you by making so many other kids feel a bit more at ease, when they are so far away from home. LOVE YOU, Aunt Margaret

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