Last day of photon radiation

From Memphis with love . . .


Woot!  He got to keep his radiation mask for a souvenir.  Sidney thinks it would make a good jello mold.  He walked around hospital wearing it.  I think he was hoping someone would start a conversation with him, because that is what HE would do.  He does not get that most people avoid others who appear to be slightly odd.  Odd attracts Sidney, like moth to a flame, I tell ya.

Sidney starts proton beam radiation to the head on Monday. He has a different mask for that.

Entertaining himself in the waiting room since there was no one to talk to except me.  It wasn’t as fun as he thought when he couldn’t gracefully get out.  His hamstrings  are still tight since surgery, and he is less flexible than he used to be.

Hair clumps began falling out Friday, so I buzzed it.  His bald head is chilly in air conditioning so we’ll look for cool scarves or toboggans.  Sidney met a lovely girl from Russia named Ksenia.  She is shy, trying hard to learn how to talk with gregarious Americans.  She ran into Sidney in the kitchens and decided he looked harmless.  They’ve shared breakfasts and Uno games, but she leaves for another hospital in Houston tomorrow.

It is sad to part company so soon with a new friend, but she needs to go where she can be helped.  Please lift Ksenia up in prayer along with Sidney.  She is far from home and trying to navigate a strange culture while dealing with her cancer.

7 thoughts on “Last day of photon radiation

  1. So good to see pictures and see your wonderful personality shining. Am saying a prayer for Ksenia. The photo of you in the tunnel reminds me of a picture I took of Ryan in a tunnel slide when he was about 5. Both bring a smile. Thank you for the post. Sending prayer, hugs and love, Bree

  2. My mom (aunt margaret) called me today and asked me to comment for her because the Internet is “confusing.” She sends all her love and prayers.

    I do a little knitting and would love to send you some hats soon if that’s okay? Evan also wants to send you some jello if you can have that too?

    Lots of love, thoughts and prayers.

    1. Hi Anna and Evan,

      we welcome the prayers and the love!

      Sidney is cool with knitted caps. Some hair may grow back during his 5 week “break” in treatment, but the chemo will knock it out again and chemo continue until after Christmas, so his head will need some cover.

      Jello will be fine. I have had to break my healthy food rules because his appetite and tastes have changed. The priority has become getting sufficient food and water in him to keep weight and hydration up.

      Sending you, Evan, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Joe our love,


  3. Just found your blog. Where have I been? I am going to work backward and forwards to catch up but know that our prayers are with you as you haven’t left our prayer board in the kitchen, our minds, or our hearts. You were SO missed on the mission project. Not the same without Gaskins or Art (torn hamstring and needing surgery). We love you and miss you. Wish we were taking a vacation to Memphis to see you but no vacation this year. =`/ Will read and catch up then reply again. WE LOVE THE GASKINS!

    1. We feel those prayers Melissa. My family can still say “Our lives are good. Right now. Not later, when this is all over. But right now, in the midst of cancer and family separation, our lives are GOOD. We have joy.”

      That must be all those prayers lifting us up.

  4. I still have my son’s mask, but it’s brittle and crumbling after 16 years. May Sidney still retain this as a souvenir when he is a 100 year old man! What a kind and friendly soul Sidney is to everyone he meets. Praying for you all!
    Laura Gaskins

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