“We go together

Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong . . .”


From Memphis with love . . . Belatedly

Sid, Lincoln, Rachel and Prairie drove 9 hours to visit us several weeks ago.  Sidney had a good hour or so where he felt strong enough to walk through the Pyramid that houses the Bass Pro Shop and and a balcony that overlooks the Mississippi River.


The heat and Sidney’s fatigue kept us indoors, but Sidney and Lincoln had “Bro Time,” watching movies and chatting about . . .  the things teenage boys chat about, while Sid and I took the girls out.


After they returned to North Carolina, Sidney and I were in a lonely funk when we got a call from perfect strangers, who happened to be friends of our friends.  These stranger-friends-of-our-friends happened to be in Memphis and wanted to visit us.

So we said “Sure!” and they did.  And we took a selfie, and we are not strangers any more.

2 thoughts on ““We go together

  1. Thanks so much for the posts! You both (and the rest of the family) are in our prayers! We miss you.

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