Coolest kid on the block

He’s got the coolest head covering.


No one doubts the shirt.


He’s got the moves like  . . . Sidney ?  I don’t know anyone else who would dare those moves.


He’s got the attitude.



And with titanium plates and screws in his head and gadolinium in his pocket, he is fairly certain he defines “cool.”

4 thoughts on “Coolest kid on the block

  1. You “ROCK” Sidney!! And your Mom is pretty cool, too. Love the shirt and hat! Can’t wait to see you all. 😇

  2. Sidney, you are so chill! Had to say something different because cool is often overused! Hello and keep up the great spirit. LOVED that you also knew Elvis song by heart. big hugs from the Halls although the boys would dab ya! Mrs. Hall

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