Mystifying friendship

From Memphis with love . . .

Several years ago, maybe 5 or so, I attended a 2-day workshop for homeschooling moms.  I met a lovely lady named Michelle.  It was one of those rare, instant connections, a recognition of another heart that gets your heart.  I knew the moment she nonchalantly squeezed the dead cow’s eyeball in my direction, while pretending to seriously focus on note-taking.  We laughed a lot together and enjoyed many talks.   At the end of that workshop, I hugged her goodbye and sadly assumed that I would never see her again. She was a busy mom.  I was a busy mom.  We live about 3 hours apart and life happens.

To my surprise, Michelle called me not long after and drove that long 3 hours with her 3 little daughters to see me.  I was thrilled to reconnect with her, meet her beautiful daughters and introduce her to my children.  We spent a lovely day together and I regretted the need to let her go back home.  I hoped to one day visit her, but you know . . .the 3 hour drive and life.

Several years passed and Michelle stumbled onto the news of Sidney’s tumor.  She emailed me and planned another visit —this time, an approximate 11-hour drive to Memphis Tennessee.  So I met Michelle a third time.

That is not a normal heart.  That is a selfless and faithful heart and I am blessed, though also perplexed, she chose to count me a friend.  I’ve never gotten in the car and driven to see her, never sent her a birthday card or even kept up with her.  I either don’t talk much or I get nervous, swing the other way and talk too much, jumping right into tough, even awkward topics.  Unlike some people in my family, I don’t connect with people quickly.

But this friend overlooked my little oddities and hung in there beyond time and distance.  To top it off, she brought along one of her other friends, Kris.  I only got to hang out with Michelle and Kris for a few hours.  But I have a feeling Kris could be another one of those special, rare friends too.  They left Sidney and I both smiling and happy.  Isn’t that one of the best goals we can have?  To leave other people smiling and happy?

I don’t know all of God’s plans in this cancer muckiness, but I know he is blessing us many, many times over.

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