Y’all, I’m ready to get this kid home

Sidney had a busy day yesterday.  St. Jude often has something fun going on.  It helps patients pass the time when there are long minutes and hours between appointments.  We all know my son is not shy and doesn’t particularly worry about looking uncool or being dorky.

He had never done karaoke before, so he didn’t know the words were on the screen 3 feet in front of him.  He sang from memory.


It is amazing how much more balance he has now, though you can tell it is still challenging for him to squat low and maintain balance.  Clearly, his energy levels have increased.



The little girl in the wheelchair is Abby.  She is 11 yo, right between my 12 yo Rachel and 10 yo Prairie.  Sidney hangs out a lot with Abby, eating meals, playing card games and gets his little sister fix.  Ha — I just discovered something that irritates my easy-going Sidney —  himself singing off-key.  He is thankful he realized and corrected it.  By this time, he knew the screen had the words, so you can see him squinting and closing one eye, trying to read the screen.  His vision has improved a lot, but he often wears the the eye-patch for reading and convincing small kids that he is a pirate.


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