First Day back in Memphis

A busy day.  An early day.  Sidney had bloodwork, IV, doctor appointments, thyroid scan, renal scan, MRI of his brain, anesthesia AND a bit of surgery to install a port in his chest.

The anesthesia team gave me paper clothes and a paper cap to wear and let me follow Sidney back to the anesthesia room.  They put an oxygen mask on Sidney, which inspired him to sing “Love is like Oxygen.”  The anesthesia crew were thoroughly entertained, especially after they put the sleepy medicine in Sidney’s IV.  He felt it coming and interrupted his singing just long enough to say, “Oh, I feel that.  I’m getting drowsy.  Good night.”

His eyelids closed and I was allowed to give him a kiss.  I resisted the temptation to abuse my power and shower him with kisses.

We ran into many familiar faces, from the receptionist who wished Sidney had not missed yesterday’s karaoke to several of our favorite patients.  Every turn connected us to smiles, gentle spirits and encouragment.

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