Whiplash Days

from Memphis, with love . . .

So last week should have been the start of Sidney’s chemo, but careful screening revealed two cysts on his left lung.  As new and more detailed information and various medical opinions came in by the hour, we were left tired and confused and very hungry.  Some rest and a steak lifted Sidney’s spirits considerably.

After all the experts weighed in, we decided to postpone chemotherapy in favor of removing the cysts and sending them off for pathology.  He gets a week or so to recover from that major surgery and then chemo.

Surgery is tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 6:30.
This type of surgery could be done with the lightly invasive technique,  with small sticks and vacuum.  But with Sidney’s cancer status, they’ll be doing it the “hands-on” way, which means a large incision, so they can get in there, cut things out, and take a look around so they can make sure to leave nothing behind.
I appreciate the reason for this, and I agree with it.  But I personally struggle with all this cutting of my son.  Obviously,  we want the surgery to be successful, but please pray for smooth recovery also.
Thank you for your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Whiplash Days

  1. Thinking (constantly), praying(daily), for all of you Tina and Sidney(my Hero)! We Love All of You!!!!

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