Stay calm and breathe deeply


From Memphis with love,

A nurse in ICU made this sign and placed it by Sidney’s door.


Pleuropulmonaryblastoma-  also known as PPB, it is the first documented case at st. Jude.  It is so rare, they’re sending the sample to minnesota, where the worldwide registry is located.  There are about 30 cases documented there.  They’ve only been collecting records there for about 10 years or so.  The Doctors at st. Jude are pretty sure this is PPB,  but since they’ve never seen it before except in textbooks, they’re sending it off to people who have seen it before.
Regarding treatment of PPB,  what was removed was definitely Type 1.  It is considered cancerous, but only because of its ability to advance into Type 2 or Type 3, which are angrier versions of the same thing.  Typical treatment is to remove the PPB only, with no chemo or radiation to follow.  Since it has been removed, and we have chemo scheduled anyway, the doctors find it likely we will never hear from that tumor again.  It is also extremely rare that PPB forms in anyone over 6 years old.  Also, remember that Sidney will be periodically scanned for the rest of his life anyway, as a cancer survivor.
Sidney is recovering well beyond expectations.   He is approved to leave icu, as soon as a room is open.  Hopefully that will happen today.
Chemo is scheduled to begin Thursday,  10/13/16.
In summary,  this has been an uncomfortable 2-week setback.  We will be back on schedule Thursday,  with a new (and in my opinion his most impressive) scar.  They weren’t kidding when they said it would be a large incision.
Thanks to all.

3 thoughts on “Stay calm and breathe deeply

  1. Sidney, how handsome you look with your eyepatch and beautiful smile. In all your specialness, you gave st Jude and the world-wide registery some insight into a rare tumor that may help others. You just know how to do things the right way! But I do think you have done enough so let’s just do chemo and come home. OK? We all love you and think of you daily. We are with you in spirit and wish there is something we could do. I am texting family, friends and others who are following you. So many care. Love you bunches, Aunt Bree and Uncle Murray

  2. So happy the PPB is gone and y’all can get back on schedule. Sidney is rare indeed.. Awesome
    young man! Prayers and Happy thoughts coming your way. Love Y’all

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