SOME daddys give their daughters live birds

(from Home with Love . . .)

Some daddys give their daughters live birds.  But she is happy with a dead, frozen nuthatch.  Rachel finds a use for every piece of trash, and even dead things, serve a purpose in her world.

She used all her resin casting dead beetles and moths and such, so no resin casting for the bird.  It will be interesting to see what she decides to do with this critter.



At a Christmas party, Prairie discovered that other people make fun, decorative foods so she was inspired to make her own.


Twister!  They look like they are funning and making loud.

2 thoughts on “SOME daddys give their daughters live birds

  1. I think she may have been inspired by Leighton and his new “friend” Maddie’s creation. Maddie came over to the house and helped him make those pretzel sticks. We miss you Tina and Sidney!!!!

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