12 thoughts on “Sidney III in his first TV commercial

  1. HE’S A STAR!!! He’s been in more commercials than anyone I’ve ever known!!!! GO SIDNEY!! Well done!!

    Sent from my phone–Karen H

    1. kluckadoo, kluckadoo . . . is this Katherine?

      Hi Katherine. Thank you for reading my blog and replying. You are a sweet, encouraging girl.

  2. Hello “Armadillo”, when you get back to Memphis, I must definitely get your autograph. You are an awesome young man and I’m blessed just by knowing you and Tina. Enjoy home, family and friends and I will continue praying for you.

    1. Hello Ms. Theresa! I look forward to seeing you again when I return in June! Thank you for the prayers!

  3. Awesome! Great job! I have been wondering about you and praying for you, such a blessing to see you doing this! Taylor’s Nana Betty Kirk

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