Sidney Update and bloggy catch-up

Many people have asked if Sidney and I are settled back in at home, if routines are back to normal . . .

Not really.  The last few months have been good.  Hectic, but good.  And emotional.

Sidney is content to be home.  Sid and the kids quickly folded us back into their daily.  I am not back in the swing of things yet.  I keep getting bowled over by waves of emotion  . . .

when I knock on the boys’ room in the morning, open the door and see both my boys waking up together in the same room again

when I go to kiss my girls awake

when my boys stand at the stove together making omelets

when music and song fill the house again, always, singing, humming, violin, clarinet, cello, piano . . .

when my boys sit side by side at the table eating and laughing together

when the kids play Twister


when eating supper together and we remember the times we used to tie a sock around Sidney’s mouth to remind him to stop talking so much . . .

you know, just normal everyday family life

it is so precious.

For weeks after Sidney and I got home, Lincoln, Rachel and Prairie just followed Sidney around.  Whereever he was, there they be.

Below, Sidney is doing something thoroughly unexciting and mundane on the computer. But “Look!  It’s our brother on the computer.  Let’s all crowd around and watch him!




Sidney took it in stride.  Mabye he even relished it a bit, basking in all the love and attention.

While Sidney basks, it is easy for me to get bogged down in all the catching up I have to do.  Then I look out the window


and see my girls in the rain, focused on something very small.


They study it and take pictures.  As if it is the most amazing creature they have ever seen.


They are also loud and silly.


Which totally distracts me from brooding thoughts.


We celebrated Sidney’s 18th birthday.


After the party, when everyone had gone home, Sidney 2 and Sidney 3 put together an engine he got for his birthday.


So many things changed.

A few key things the same — like me, watching my husband and asking “Why?”

He never really answers that question.


And Prairie wants to show how flexible she is.


We’ve all been exercising together.  Prairie destroys all of us with her flexibility.  I am pretty sure my foot is about a mile from head when I attempt this pose.

But since I’m the picture-taker, ain’t nobody getting that picture.

7 thoughts on “Sidney Update and bloggy catch-up

  1. As always, thank you for posting. I always feel a happiness, a joy, a smile, an inclusion in such a wonderful family. My family. Much love to you all. BreeBree

  2. I enjoy reading the updates and just to see everyone together again warms my heart.Prairie amazed me when she showed me that pose.:D

  3. I love to hear from you all! You are such a beautiful family. Taylor will finish his last reinduction in one week. He finally got brave enough to give himself two insulin shots yesterday. The uncontrolled blood glucose has been a major problem. Sam and I loved Sidney’s mustang commercial. I guess all men are crazy about those cars. Give Sidney and your family our best. We think of him and pray for him often. Betty Kirk aka Nana

    1. Thank you for letting us know how Taylor is doing. Brave, brave boy for giving himself those shots! Praying his blood glucose comes under control and he heals once and for all. Amen!

  4. It’s great to see your entire family enjoying one another’s company. I pray God’s continued blessings for you all.

  5. Such a wonderful family – reading your posts make me smile, cry, and feel blessed to know (and be somewhat related to) all of you! How are things as you head into the colorful fall?

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