Homeschool Prom 2017

This was Lincoln’s first year at prom.  He had no opinion on prom style, so we chose to not invest in a suit for his still growing frame.  Instead, a combo of stuff from the home closet with a few much needed and much wanted purchases  — Converse!—came together to create his own style.



I don’t think the kid owned any shoes beyond old crocs, old sneakers and very dirty workboots for working with Dad.  We never get behind on making sure the kids have workboots!

So I was thrilled to buy him a casual shoe.

Though my favorite part of his ensemble is the jacket.  It was Grandpa Louis’ jacket.



Brother’s Fierce



At last year’s prom, Sidney had a golfball-sized tumor in his head that we didn’t know about until a few weeks later.  And 2 huge lung tumors that were not discovered until later that fall.


Virginia’s corsage — the third one I have made for her.


Memories of last year’s prom and hopes for this year’s prom kept this boy going through 2 brain surgeries, major chest surgery, radiation, chemo and almost 9 months away from home.


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Prom 2017

  1. Both of you look so spiffy! I especially like Lincoln’s jacket, too. I know Grandpa Louis would have enjoyed seeing Lincoln wear it.

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