Back to Memphis

Last week, Sidney and Rachel flew back to Memphis for thyroid appointments –Sidney for surgery, Rachel for biopsy.  They pose outside Tri-Delta, the on-campus hotel for patients on short-term visits.



My kids, cheerful and optimistic, just before they get their thyroids poked.


This time, Dad gets to go in and watch Sidney try to out-talk or out-sing his anesthesia.



While Sidney is still out, Rachel gets prepped.  Apparently all white and a blue cap transforms even a ditch-digger into a medical professional-looking guy.



They all returned home late Saturday night.   We were happy to have our crew back together again.  Lincoln and I were particularly happy for Rachel’s return.  She is so quiet that it is easy to forget when she is even in the same room, yet we discovered that Rachel is a powerful force in “diluting” Prairie, as Lincoln says.

In other words, Rachel keeps Prairie busy and distracted so that the rest of us are not the focus of Prairie’s jokes and pranks.

4 thoughts on “Back to Memphis

  1. Their smiling faces keep everyone else smiling. I love these kids. Glad they are home. Thanks for posting an update. Love to you all. Aunt BreeBree

  2. I saw part of your crew briefly several times! Sam and I were with Taylor for his Thursday appointments. The pics are beautiful. I love you and your family even though we really are just passersby. Sincerely, Betty Kirk. ,(aka, Nana)

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