All Clear

My wee little chicks, not so little anymore — Lincoln informed me that he is now 6 feet 3/4 inch.  My baby, Prairie,  weighs 103 pounds.  Just a few details the kids learned about themselves at St. Jude this last week.

All tests on all kids look good.  Lincoln, Rachel and Prairie will not need to go back until next year.  Sidney will go back in April for his 3 months scans.



In between lumbar punctures, MRIs, scans and blood draws, the kids had plenty of time to think of ways to taunt their waiting mother back home.  They posed for pictures and texted them to me . . .



“So THIS is a poptart!  They don’t taste nasty like you always told me Mom.  In fact, they are especially yummy with this rainbow cereal.”



“Cherry!  Cherries are healthy, right Mom?”



Tired kiddoes at the airport late Thursday night, bellies full of hotel breakfasts and cafeteria food — I think  they look forward to coming home to their Mama’s Spaghetti Squash noodles and Cauliflower “alfredo” sauce.

2 thoughts on “All Clear

  1. Such wonderful news! Love the pictures. Precious precious family. Hugs to you Tina. Very difficult to be the one at home waiting at home for updates.

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