My kiddoes reveal their high drama gene

They totally inherited this from their Daddy.

Rachel and Prairie don’t come into until around the 1 minute mark.  They are on the far right, Prairie in a skirt and hair is braided.  Rachel takes a few seconds longer to come out from behind curtain. She is wearing pants and her red hair is bouncing everywhere.  Lincoln runs out on stage with the guitar near the very end.

5 thoughts on “My kiddoes reveal their high drama gene

    1. You may be slightly biased in the Gaskins’ favor, Judy. That is a lovely thing. Everybody needs somebody in this world to be biased in their favor.

  1. Dear Sandy,

    They look so good! Be proud. I know you are! I would be too. Love Jane

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    1. Aunt Jane! We miss you! You had left before I knew it. I don’t like driving past your little trailer and not seeing a light and knowing you are there. But I hope you are enjoying your time with Teresa.

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