12 thoughts on “Thirty Years

  1. Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful video. I love seeing the pictures of your sweet kids when they were young – just so precious. Thanks for sharing. Love Nancy

  2. Happy 30th Anniversary to two of my favorite people on Earth! Your video is wonderful; as I watched all the photos and memories you have shared with each other, I realized just how blessed Susan and I have been to have you in our lives. My favorite photo is the last one— the culmination of three decades of love, with a man and woman much wiser and more in love than you were at any point before (and four beautiful and precious children to share that love with).
    We send our love to all of you, and our wish is that you will have 30 more happy and healthy years together, and then 30 more after that!
    May God continue to bless the Gaskins Family.

    1. Oh Lynn, Sid and I adore you and Susan. I think of you both when I need to remind myself that kindness and gentleness does exist in this world. Tina

  3. what a sweet montage set to one of our favorite songs! praying for 30 more years for you two.

    1. Is there an Andrew Peterson song that isn’t spot on? I had to make sure to get “I want to say I’m sorry” in there as we have both changed so much, perhaps the most in the last 4 years and it has not always felt good in the moment. But I do believe we are so much better for it. Tina

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