The things one hears in this house

“…like a crescent roll of adorableness.”  Lincoln, 17

“Blankets bite!”  Rachel, 15

“I’m swinging my dad’s underwear over my head!” Sidney, 19

“I’m a cat, lady, I don’t know everything!” Prairie, 13

“It looks like you’re trying to digest your stomach with your hands!” Prairie, 13

“Have you ever looked around the room for something, and then realized that you’re sitting on it?” Lincoln, 17

“Thank you so much, that’s much helpfuller.” Prairie, 13

The odd things we hear in this house

“There is something very Pacific…” Prairie

“…You’re being a skomach!” Rachel(not a typo)

“… something about taking a doctor’s pulse and then sniffing it?” Rachel

“Now you know what it’s like to be besqozen!” Sidney

“Yes, but I don’t dig my wrists like eeee!” Rachel

“Did you just compare my fish burp to Gwyneth Paltrow?” Sidney

“They’re bootless boot verbs.” Lincoln

“Just think nature, Prairie.” Rachel

“I love the smell of toasted Calvinist.” Sidney

“Awww, she’s so sweet when she’s not trying to bite me!” Rachel

“Twilight was screaming for Daffodil, who was having trouble with Will and his oranges.” Rachel

“…so I wrapped it in elephants!” Lincoln

Weird Words Heard in this House

“Prairie might murder us alive.” Rachel

“Lincoln, now is not the time to act like a disciplined frog!” Rachel

“I might sound like a sandwich.” Rachel

“I’m going to do a video of me eeping applesauce.” Prairie

“I’m making a music video about applesauce.  So shushy!” Prairie

“My reactions are so… mutant.” Rachel

“Clear clouds tonight.” Lincoln

“He looks supremely creamy.” Rachel (referring to Benedict Cumberbatch)

“… and why are there moths smeared onto the window?” Rachel

“I might feel like Noah’s Ark.” Rachel

“I would go naked if I could,”  Prairie comments on a hot day in the park.  When she catches my look, “Well, wouldn’t you?”

Kid Quotables


From Home with Love…

“Yeah, glass breaking smells like ting-a-ling.” Lincoln

“Rachel, you blubberstick!” Rachel

“Well, it used to have a big smell.” Prairie

“I’m going to name my mountain with lollipops!” Prairie

“I can’t remember my face.” Lincoln

“Tasting is believing!” Prairie

“You’d need a separate maggot for that…” Lincoln

“Unions are basically basic though…” Rachel

“OK yeah, go and come back with mer-muffins.” Prairie

“It’s the Age of the Munchkins, Lincoln.” Rachel

“… 9y minus mineteen…” Lincoln

“It’s on my scoo shelf.” Rachel

“I don’t know what your finger thinks of you, but…” Prairie

“… Chalm down, Prairie.” Rachel

“I might not care if you touch it or not, I just don’t want you to touch it!” Rachel

Yet more quotes


From Home with Love…

“Hey Lincoln, what’s your name?” Prairie

“We might have maybe milk.” Daddy

“I’m crinecting your pronounciation.”  Lincoln(trying to correct Rachel’s pronunciation)

“Let us prepare for the butt-whapping ceremony.” Rachel

“What did you say? Something about sidewalk mercy?” Rachel

“Lincoln, not everyone sees your view of point.” Rachel

“Prairie, my patience is not, long like a road.  It is thin, like a pea!” Rachel

“Rachel, your patience should expand to be big, like a carrot.” Prairie

“I found out that frogs eat slop,” Lincoln.(Edit: the girls pranking me)

“There has been confusement!” Prairie

“This spoon of yogurt leads to wisdom.” Prairie

“You have soapy fangs?” Lincoln

Yet more quotes from the Gaskins household

From Home with Love . . .


“There is a mob at the White House saying that cows should have bathrooms.” Rachel

“It is called the butternarchus butterfly.  It likes to eat honey butter.” Prairie

“Fortunately, the brick houses might possibly be mostly safe.” Rachel

“However, the policemen were no match for the pigs.” Prairie

“Then unthrow-it away.” Lincoln

“Hey guess what?  Let me tell you a legend about earwigs!” Rachel

“This chair may be haunting my spirit.” Rachel

“… and virtue is properly manliness!” Rachel

More Non-Contextual Sentences


From Home with Love…..


“Let’s chipuff up!” Lincoln

“… except without the exposure of the bellybutton.” Rachel

“Hey!  I was going for a Psych fish bump!” Lincoln

“I might hate them.” Rachel

“Well get them un-wet!” Rachel

“I might really want to read that.” Rachel

“So they’re underdeveloped-pea brains.” Lincoln

“How do you eat milk?” Linc and Rachel in perfect (and unplanned) unison.

“Hey, why is the garden on fire?” Rachel

“Christmas comes with spiny cheer.” Lincoln

“It says bug poison, not human poison.” Lincoln

“This is playing weirds with my trung!” Lincoln

“What is the biggest cookie dough?” Rachel

“OK well, the flat seventh means a campy Ionian.”  Lincoln

“… then it will, like, superly glow.” Prairie