This Week on Hummingbird Hill: Non-Contextual Sentences


From home with love….


“Lincoln, don’t question the logic of a click beetle” Rachel Gaskins 10/26/16

“I almost died… and I did” Prairie Gaskins 10/26/16

“I didn’t kill you… I just failed to rescue you”. Lincoln Gaskins 10/26/16

“I died because of you”. Prairie

“Where’s Blew?” Prairie

“That’s pretty wrong, I think”. Lincoln

“Dung beetles navigate using the Milky Way”. A website post that Rachel was reading.

“Most dung beetles are particular about the poop they’ll eat”. The same website post that Rachel was reading.

“Is there anything cooler than a dung beetle pushing a ball of poo? I think not”. Rachel, again from her website.

“If a bad guy comes in, and you have no weapon, thank your kitchen tools!” Prairie

Observing Animals


This morning I woke up and ate cereal for breakfast. I managed to finish all my school, check my email, look at my adventure fantasy books that I wrote, and check my email again.
Lincoln played the cello. Rachel is on my Moms computer researching bugs. She likes to collect dead beetles to cast resin them so they look really cool. I succeeded in making her move her beetle workshop place down in the basement, because it made the cabinet stink a lot, and I don’t like to sleep in my room with the thought of dead bugs haunting the cabinet.
Rachel is researching dung beetles. They are beetles that travel around using their back legs to push a ball of dung that is bigger than them. Scientists have tried putting booties and a hat on a dung beetle because if you were traveling in a desert through hot sand, it would hurt your feet, so what if it is the same for a dung beetle?
I am interested. It also turns out that one species of the dung beetle uses the stars to find it’s way home. That is really cool.
But now I am too grossed out to eat lunch.

There is a difference

Posted by Prairie…

Especially in my house.
Junk. That’s sure what we’ve eaten lately. Deep down we know: Well, since our mom isn’t here, it should be okay to buy dessert.
Don’t worry. We’re also eating healthy too.
This house is also quieter. It isn’t as loud as it was before My Mom and Sidney left. There’s no more stampeding down the stairs in the mornings, no more Family school taught by my mom. Just Simple.  Quiet.
I remember on the day they left, I told my mom something very important.
I said: “Mama, I know that this will be hard, but I have big hope, and I know that we can do this.”
That was when they left.
But there is still a lot of hope, and I hope you have hope too. I’m still clinging to it.