Amazing Grace with the choir

Prairie plays her violin and Lincoln, his cello with the choir at Grace Episcopal Church.  This challenge was presented to the kids by our wise choir director who somehow manages to cajole people into extending themselves to do things they’ve never done before.  For Prairie, that involved a lot of note reading and coordinating her music with a cello, piano and choir.  For Lincoln, it meant composing a cello part where none existed.  Kudos to Nancy for her vision and her way with people.



From Memphis with Love . . .



Crude is the word, is the word, is the word

“It’s got groove, it’s got meaning.”

Last night, we sat side by side

eating dried mango slices

watching John Travolta dance

in that way only he can.

I have waited for the day

when you would be old enough

to test,

wondering if you would get it,

if you would see the world the way I do.

If you would walk that subtle line

where crudity would sometimes make you laugh

because laughing at our flaws lightens

the burden, strengthens us to be better people.

And other times, if crudity would disappoint you,

even as you tried to understand it and let it point you

towards a better way.

As we watched the story unfold,

I listened to your laugh, heard your critiques

and watched you parse the beauty and


your recognition of Heaven and smut bound in our DNA.


A poor wastewater man’s daughter

She gets dragged on jobs with her Daddy.

And sometimes they are not installing new, unused systems.

Sometimes they do maintenance on systems in use, systems that need trouble shooting, tweaking or filter cleaning.

On this day, they are checking and cleaning grease traps, which Rachel discovers is offensive to her nose.

Don’t feel too sorry for her though.

At the end of the day, she gleefully enumerated all the contraband her Daddy supplied her with to make the day palatable —

  1.  breakfast at McDonalds made arising in the early dark and entering the cold a motivational experience
  2. lunch at a campground cafeteria they worked at
  3. an over-sized cinnamon bun from Stick Boys to make the long drive home a bit less tedious

She also saw 2 dogs, one Sid knew was named Nollie.  Rachel took the liberty of naming the other dog Corey, because really, how can a girl pet and become acquainted with a dog without a name to address it?  She also met a friendly cat who sat on her lap,.  She named it Longtail, because  . . . .well, she is a practical girl.

To top it all off, her lunch experience was enhanced by this fellow . . .


By her smiles, chatter and good cheer, I doubt Rachel thinks there is anything “poor” about being the daughter of a wastewater man.