Sidney’s Social Cave

Sidney’s Make-A-Wish request was a room to hang out with family and friends and chat, because chatting is Sidney’s favorite thing in the world.  At Ronald McDonald House, he discovered that pool was a fun game to play while chatting.   So he specifically requested a pool table, seating and a jukebox.  He got a few extras thrown in that he was not expecting.

His room is almost done.  We are waiting on some more seating and I plan to add a comfy rug to the cold floor and nice shelves to hold his science-y things.  But we are already enjoying his room.

I spend most of my time trying to keep my toes out from under a pair of big, heavy work boots.


Sidney’s Homecoming

From Home with Love …

We are home.

All of us.  Together.  Home on our hill.

Sidney and I crept up the driveway on a Saturday evening, two weeks ago.  No one knew we were coming home early.  They were all busy preparing for Rachel’s 13th birthday party, which was the same day.

The evening was full of surprises.  The family got a son and brother home.   The coming-home son got his own surprise — an almost finished room in the basement.  One by one, as aunts and grandmas arrived, each walked into the living room, not expecting to see the one they were missing.

It was a good evening.


Kid Quotables


From Home with Love…

“Yeah, glass breaking smells like ting-a-ling.” Lincoln

“Rachel, you blubberstick!” Rachel

“Well, it used to have a big smell.” Prairie

“I’m going to name my mountain with lollipops!” Prairie

“I can’t remember my face.” Lincoln

“Tasting is believing!” Prairie

“You’d need a separate maggot for that…” Lincoln

“Unions are basically basic though…” Rachel

“OK yeah, go and come back with mer-muffins.” Prairie

“It’s the Age of the Munchkins, Lincoln.” Rachel

“… 9y minus mineteen…” Lincoln

“It’s on my scoo shelf.” Rachel

“I don’t know what your finger thinks of you, but…” Prairie

“… Chalm down, Prairie.” Rachel

“I might not care if you touch it or not, I just don’t want you to touch it!” Rachel

Yet more quotes


From Home with Love…

“Hey Lincoln, what’s your name?” Prairie

“We might have maybe milk.” Daddy

“I’m crinecting your pronounciation.”  Lincoln(trying to correct Rachel’s pronunciation)

“Let us prepare for the butt-whapping ceremony.” Rachel

“What did you say? Something about sidewalk mercy?” Rachel

“Lincoln, not everyone sees your view of point.” Rachel

“Prairie, my patience is not, long like a road.  It is thin, like a pea!” Rachel

“Rachel, your patience should expand to be big, like a carrot.” Prairie

“I found out that frogs eat slop,” Lincoln.(Edit: the girls pranking me)

“There has been confusement!” Prairie

“This spoon of yogurt leads to wisdom.” Prairie

“You have soapy fangs?” Lincoln

SOME daddys give their daughters live birds

(from Home with Love . . .)

Some daddys give their daughters live birds.  But she is happy with a dead, frozen nuthatch.  Rachel finds a use for every piece of trash, and even dead things, serve a purpose in her world.

She used all her resin casting dead beetles and moths and such, so no resin casting for the bird.  It will be interesting to see what she decides to do with this critter.



At a Christmas party, Prairie discovered that other people make fun, decorative foods so she was inspired to make her own.


Twister!  They look like they are funning and making loud.