Our humble tree topper

was made several years ago by a boy with some construction paper, a stapler and poly-fil.

It is imperfect —– misshapen and leaking poly-fill —– but it reminds me of the creative heart that made it. . . . . .  my Lincoln.  I love it.


Every year, I look for a beautiful nativity set but have never found that perfect one.  This year, my girls received an oatmeal canister full of corks and they set to work making all kinds of cork art.  Eventually, it occurred to Rachel to make a cork nativity.

Rachel, age 9 and Prairie, age 8, have graduated to the hot glue gun this past week.  I have finally stopped cringing expectantly every time they plug it in.  Both girls have burned themselves and respect the glue gun.

I love the sheep with his fat, felt nose and little felt ears.  Rachel wrapped yarn around a cork for his body.

I finally have a nativity set that I love.  I believe those are the most contented wise men I have every seen.

Prairie added a unicorn.

Obviously, he is a tame unicorn since he is wearing a collar and leash.

Thank you Aunt Sandra and Uncle Josh for the canister full of corks.  That cork canister has been carried everywhere, including to town and back.  Apparently, the girls don’t want to be unprepared and corkless when inspiration strikes.