Friends soothe a sore heart

(from Memphis with love . . .)


Being away from home is hard.  Cancer, sickness, endless hours in the hospital are hard.

But the darkness cannot encompass us with good friends who shine light and joy.

Sidney particularly bonded with Marco.  Marco finished treatments and went back home to Canada.  Before he left, Sidney and I took Marco and his mama to a Sonic.  Apparently, there are wild rumors in Canada about the awesome milkshakes of Sonics in America.  I don’t think our Canadian friends were disappointed.


Sidney cozied up to this cutie today.  Sweet Camille has turned a corner and is clearly feeling better.  She was interested in Sidney Nintendo, so he showed her Animal Crossing, but she seemed to spend almost as much time . . .


doing this — sweeping her eyes up to look at Sidney.  It was precious.


Camille — a bright, happy moment in our day.

A Mysterious Letter

(From Memphis with Love . . .)



A mysterious letter arrived for Sidney a few days ago.  He was delighted to receive it.  Even more delighted that he does not know who the sender is . . . it is a mystery he is pondering.