Back to School!!!!

And totally re-organized, of course!  Or partially totally reorganized.  The other parts are only re-organized in a vague way in the recesses of my brain. 

Rachel was over-the-top  excited about her handwriting practice of all things.  We had an episode this morning with a hurt finger that I quickly turned into handwriting practice for her.  She will re-write, and thereby re-live this little scene, which seems to thrill her to pieces —–

Rachel had a splinter in her finger.  It hurt, and Rachel was scared.  Mama said, “Be still, Rachel.  Don’t move your finger.”

Rachel was afraid of the tweezers, and she cried.  But she was brave too.

She listened to Mama and did not move her finger.

Mama got the splinter out quickly, and Rachel felt much better.


And yeah, I know.  I wrote a sentence for my child to copy that begins with the word “But.”  I was an English major and ridiculously particular about the rules of writing for years.  But I didn’t enjoy writing then, hated it. 

It was only after I began writing for myself, and let go of the concern for “rules” that it became fun.  Don’t worry.  My kids won’t suffer.  I can still turn out a proper, scholarly paper if I have to, like if someone twisted both my arms, lodged my head in a vice and threatened to pull my toes.

Alas, the things a homeschooling mom must suffer . . . . . . . . . . . .