Happy Birthday Rachel

My sweet girl is 5 years old.  And we have lots and lots of pictures to share.  (Yes, Carla, I included a picture of the cake).

Lincoln gave her the presents he made first —- a doll pillow he made from paper stapled and stuffed with  .  . . . . . . . stuff, a paper he colored blue and called a doll towel, a paper scarf, a paper apron.  Rachel was thrilled.  She really, really was.  My Lincoln is a creative boy.



Sidney gave her a card with 2 real dollars, a fake million dollar bill and . . . .

a watering trough for her Schleich horses.  He made it from an old jar lid, reynolds wrap and homemade clay.  I love this picture.   Sidney had just given it to her and explained what it was.  She is saying in this small, delicate, hopeful voice, “For me?  For me?” 

She immediately watered her horses.



Sid made her a bunk bed for her doll from leftover flooring we have stashed in the basement.



People are gathering to celebrate, and she is feeling it now.



Lincoln is upstaging her.  Here, folks, we see the influence of Riverdance star, Michael Flatley.




Rachel says “Ha!”




 I don’t think he got this move from Michael Flatley.  It is a Lincoln Original.




 Prairie has not fully overcome her afternoon nap stupor.












Rachel hugs Aunt Mossy.




The enthralled audience listens to a professional violin player.





Ah, the professional violin music has perked up Prairie.




Note to self:  Have a talk with Lincoln about the proper dress for a professional violin player.

At least, he sounds professional.